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Peter Evans, a columnist and foreign correspondent with the Daily Express, at the height of its success in the 1960s, has since written for the Los Angeles Times, Vogue, and the New York magazine, as well as every major newspaper in Britain [...] Read more...

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AVA, AVA, AVA … morning, noon & night

Posted by Peter Evans on July 28, 2013

When Ava Gardner asked Peter Evans to write her memoirs, his wife knew things were about to get interesting. Now, as Peter’s book is published, she tells Matt Warren what it’s like to share your husband with a Hollywood icon
For at least four years, there were two women in my friend Peter Evans’s marriage. One was his lovely wife, Pamela. The other was the Hollywood icon, Ava Gardner.

Not that anything untoward was going on. But Peter, a journalist, novelist and biographer, always took his work extremely seriously – and Ava became a real labour of love [...]

AVA GARDNER The Secret Conversations – The Daily Mail Serialization

Posted by Peter Evans on July 02, 2013

Ava Gardner was one of the greatest female Hollywood stars of her day, and the most beautiful. Today, in the final extract from a new book- based upon interviews that were suppressed during her lifetime- she tells author PETER EVANS about her most famous relationship of all, with third husband Frank Sinatra, and how their tempestuous rows drove him to reportedly attempt suicide. [...]

AVA GARDNER The Secret Conversations – Daily Mail serialization

Posted by Peter Evans on July 02, 2013

‘There was blood on the walls and the furniture’: How reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes punched Ava Gardner in the face – so she smashed an onyx ashtray over his head [...]

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Peter Sellers (1969)

The Mask Behind the Mask

Bardot (1972)

Eternal Sex Goddess

Ari (1986)

The Life, Times and Women of Aristotle Onassis