~ ~ Nemesis ~ ~

Published in 2004

Selina Hastings, Sunday Telegraph

"Both a political thriller and an astonishing human drama ... this book can be highly recommended."

Len Deighton

"Peter Evans is a reporter who always knows exactly where to dig. And with Nemesis he strikes oil. And blood and gold and scandal."

Lloyd’s List

"Evans has not just the chops and the contacts but an inside track on the story of the century ... skilled, pacy storytelling ... diligently researched and cross-checked."

Dominick Dunne, Vanity Fair

" Knocked my socks off. Run, do not walk, to your local bookstore."

Liz Smith, New York Post

"Skulduggery, super sex, bizarre adventure, betrayal, adultery and murder. Adds an entire new dimension to the Kennedy years. What a book! What a read!"

A shocking account of the love triangle between Bobby Kennedy, Jackie O, and Aristotle Onassis – and the tragedies that occurred when the rivalry spiralled out of control.

Peter Evans’s biography of Aristotle Onassis, Ari, met with great acclaim when it was published in 1986. Ari provided the world with an unprecedented glimpse of the Greek shipping magnate’s orbit of dizzying wealth, twisted intrigues, and questionable mores. Not long after the book appeared, however, Onassis’s daughter Christina and his longtime business partner Yannis Georgakis hinted to Evans that he had missed the “real story” – one that proved Onassis’s intrigues had deadly results. “I must begin,,” Georgakis said, “with the premise that, for Onassis, Bobby Kennedy was unfinished business from way back . . .”

His words launched Evans into the heart of a story that tightly bound Onassis not to Jackie’s first husband, but to his ambitious younger brother Bobby. A bitter rivalry emerged between Bobby and Ari long before Onassis and Jackie had even met. Nemesis reveals the tangled thread of events that linked two of the world’s most powerful men in their intense hatred for one another and uncovers the surprising role played by the woman they both loved. Their power struggle unfolds against a heady backdrop of international intrigue: Bobby Kennedy’s discovery of the Greek shipping magnate’s shady dealings, which led him to bar Onassis from trade with the United States; Onassis’s attempt to control
much of Saudi Arabia’s oil; Onassis’s untimely love affair with Jackie’s married sister Lee Radziwill; and his bold invitation to First Lady Jackie to join him on his yacht – without the president. Just as
the self-made Greek tycoon gloried in the chance to stir the wrath of the Kennedys, they struggled unsuccessfully to break his spell over the woman who held the key to all of their futures. After Jack’s death, Bobby became ever closer to Camelot’s holy widow, and fought to keep her from marrying his sworn rival. But Onassis rarely failed to get what he wanted, and Jackie became his wife shortly after Bobby was killed.

Through extensive interviews with the closest friends, lovers, and relatives of Onassis and the Kennedys, longtime journalist Evans has uncovered the shocking culmination of the Kennedy-Onassis-Kennedy love triangle: Aristotle Onassis was at the heart of the plot to kill Bobby Kennedy. Meticulously tracing Onassis’s connections in the world of terrorism, Nemesis presents compelling evidence that he financed the assassination – including a startling confession that has gone unreported for nearly three decades. Along the way, this groundbreaking work also daringly paints these international icons in all of their true colours. From Evans’s deeply nuanced portraits of the charismatic Greek shipping magnate and his acquisitive iconic bride to his probing and revelatory look into the events that shaped an era, Nemesis is a work that will not be soon forgotten.